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Creative Conversations x Kemma

I spent the morning with Emma Kaye, the wonderful mind behind Kemma. We talked about her ceramics, how the business began, colour palettes and inspiration. Emma is an amazing creative who is always evolving and looking for new inspiration. She has recently launched her first collection of fine art prints titled 'Motifs of the Sun' which are available along with her stunning ceramics at

Why did you first create 'Kemma'?

Kemma started as a private Instagram account with only a few of my close friends following it, as a way to document all the art I made during school and at uni. During 2020 lockdown I had more free time to make art, so I decided to make the account public, and here we are! If anyone told me back then that Kemma would become a business I would have never believed it.

Has art always been apart of your life?

Always! I loved painting ever since my hands were able to hold a paintbrush.

How did you start in ceramics?

I did some after-school classes in my early years of primary school and then didn’t pick it up again until university, where I fell in love with the process.

When do you feel the most inspired?

When I am travelling, especially during summer!

You just launched your collection of fine art prints 'Motifs of the Sun', will we see you continue to expand your creativity. What can we expect?

I’m so excited to finally share my art prints with everyone - I have been a painter for far longer than I have been a ceramicist, so it was a long time coming. There are so many exciting things in the works, from upcoming ceramic product designs, to more prints, to other brand new products that complement my existing pieces.

Do you have a favourite design that you have created? Which one is it?

It changes all the time! At the moment I am loving my Love You Mug, because people buy them to share love with themselves and those around them, which is really rewarding to witness.

How did you develop the colour palette for Kemma? What was the inspiration?

My pieces often balance a neutral background with dreamy pastel coloured motifs, from flowers, to fruits, to fun patterns and organic shapes. For my work, colour is an opportunity to remain playful, spread joy into everyday spaces, and act as a reminder not to take life too seriously.

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